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Cardioïde condensator-nekbandmicrofoon van topkwaliteit voor zang- en spraaktoepassingen. Individueel verstelbaar. Integrale wind/plopkap. Gemakkelijk uitwisselbare en combineerbare componenten dankzij het modulaire ontwerp.
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High-quality permanently polarized condenser headmic with cardioid pick-up pattern, designed for professional "hands-free" applications. The adjustable neckband is visually unobtrusive and very comfortable to wear. The twelve available HSP 4 variants differ in color, size and connector.

For wireless applications, the headmic can be used with different Sennheiser bodypack transmitters, depending on the connection cable (see "Variants"). For wired applications, the headmic can be used with the MZA 900 P / MZA 900 P-4 phantom power adapter.


The HSP 4 is now available in a revised version with a new attachment clip fort he microphone boom. The new clip has a very rugged, closable design, providing an extremely secure fit of the microphone boom.

HSP neckbands equipped with the previous attachment clips can be retrofitted with the new ones which are available as spare parts.

  • Modular overall system, i.e. all system components are easily interchangeable and combinable

  • Excellent feedback rejection

  • Microphone includes a detachable cap as integral wind/popshield

  • Individually adjustable to all head sizes

  • Twist-proof microphone boom (Ø 2.0 mm), can be attached to the left or right side (removable attachment clip)

  • Flexible gooseneck section

  • Connection cable can easily be interchanged

  • Attachment clip for microphone boom can be interchanged

  • All metal parts coated in a physical vapour deposition process

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Wat zit erbij
  • Boom microphone
  • Neckband
  • Clips for attaching the microphone boom
  • Connection cable
  • Foam windshield
  • Plastic transport case, foam-lined with cut-outs
  • Operating instructions
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HSP 4-ew-3-M: 500698


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