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e 604 & e 604 3-Pack

Close to the attack, tough, easy to handle: the e 604 has long since been a classic on the rims of tom-toms and snares the world over.
Now on sale! Only in October and only while supply lasts.

The e 604

every drummer needs one... some drummers need three

Few mics can stand up to the powerful force of a beating drum. And even fewer mics can reproduce the true tone that so many drummers have painstakingly crafted through their years of playing. That’s where the e 604 comes into play… a compact drum mic with an integrated mounting system that’s built to handle even the hardest hitting percussionists. Featuring a sound signature based on the legendary MD 421, known for its warmth and accuracy, the e 604 lightly emphasizes the upper mids and highs while delivering punch and clarity in the lows. From brushes to 5B sticks and everything in between, this mic has your ghost notes and rim shots covered. If you’re looking for precision in your mic placement, ditch the mic stands (you already have enough gear to carry). The e 604 will be the newest addition to your kit – taking your sound to the next level.

The e 604

e 604 / e 604 3-Pack

  • Compact dynamic cardioid microphone
  • Capable of handling extreme SPL without distortion (up to 160 dB)
  • Impact-resistant fiberglass reinforced housing
  • Exceptionally low structure-borne noise
  • Easily adjustable for flexible positioning
  • Hum-compensating coil for protection against electrical interference
  • Integrated mic-stand mount for versatile mounting configurations

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