AMBEO Developers Program Application Form

Thanks for your interest in the Sennheiser AMBEO Augmented Audio Developers Program!

Our extended Developers Program includes free access to our Augmented Audio SDK for iOS and a discount code for the purchase of an AMBEO Smart Headset, which enables full operability and unlocks unlimited applications. To enter a chance to access our SDK, please complete the below application form specifying your motivation. If you are eligible, access to our repository will be granted to you via GitHub automatically.

Good luck and enjoy developing with AMBEO!

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What is your motivation for joining the AMBEO Augmented Audio Developer's Program?
What experience do you have with spatial audio, particularly Augmented Audio? Please provide links to relevant portfolio content. *
Provide a description of the product, project, or idea with which you would like to integrate Augmented Audio. Is this a commercial, educational, or artistic venture? *
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